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My CISV summer fairytale

My summer began perfectly! With a CISV camp! That’s what I wished and dreamed for, to gain more friends and explore friendships. Honestly I’ve never been in such a camp before. All my previous summers I’ve spent with football. So the sound of such a camp was exciting, but at the same time challenging. Before it started, I read on the internet about this organization and words – “sustainability of the world, international global friendship” sounded mysterious for me. That was just what I needed. I felt relieved. Then my dad suggested me to read an article about United Nations (UN) so I would be prepared for camp discussions.So I was really excited about this camp and couldn’t stay calm till it will start. Every day of waiting seemed like a whole decade past.

Finally the day of camp arrived! At about 13 o’clock we went to the bus station and picked up the Latvians who just arrived. We took a boy called Karlis ,a girl Ieva and a leader Paula. I had a feeling that they were tired, because they started their trip to Vilnius late at night in Riga and they arrived at late morning, around lunch time. So my dad and me proposed of having lunch and city sightseeing. First we went to a pizza place. There we ate a friendship pica, the vibes were brilliant, because everybody were smiling and in good mood. Then we went for sightseeing of old town. After one hourof walk in Vilnius the rain started,so we supposedto start our trip to CISV camp in Trakai. At camp I didn’t remember anybody except one kid whose name was Rojus. He was my best friend from the mini camp from before. Then we talked with him about boy business and looked around if anybody came who we know from before. Then Rojus spotted Rapolas, he was the funny guy. We always laughed from his jokes, because he had a good sense of humor. Then we were the boy gang, we joked around the first day in which we learn the names of the participants.

Then, on the second day, we started off with some energizers and later we switched to activities. The first thought, that had popped in to my head, that the activities will be boring like at school, but such kind of thoughts had disappeared immediately. These activities were interesting and with a lot of fun. In the evening there was a surprise, we had Lullabies. We had a folder with lyrics from which we sang. So the second day gave me a very good impression of this camp.

During the third day we had an interesting activity“hide and seek”, butthere was only one hider and everybody were seekers. Then we had our first Siesta time at midday time after lunch. I really enjoyed that, I find siesta a chill time, because it is a time when we could not stress about all the activities and other stuff.This time was a time when we could just socialize with each other.

Moving on the fourth day we came to an activity in which we needed to find out what will the future of the world look like in 10 years. Our group was perfectly good our ideas were quite achievable and logical. In my opinion other groups created some kind of not reachable ideas, but who knows maybe they are reachable. But definitely it’s going to happen a lot of good changes in the world and people will be better to our planet and to each other.When the activity was finished, we went to swim in the lake and it was really cool. Afterwards lullabies began again, I already knew some songs but still didn’t sing out loudly. Then we went to sleep at 22:00 o’clock (lights out).

Then Friday, it was a bit sad but also hyped. The sad part was that camp was about to end. Anyhow we tried to stay energized and happy. Everybody became friends, so we have tried even to do some pranks with our leaders.

Then came Saturday, it was the first time in my whole life that I felt so sad to leave a camp. It was only one short week of friendship, but sadness was big, because of knowing that soon we will leave each other. After we ate the breakfast, we had an activity, in which we lit a candle and each said a thing we enjoyed in camp and what we gonna miss from camp. Then we gave warm hugs to each other. We said our goodbyes and waited till 18 o’clock. Then disco time began and it was really fun, until I heard a car is coming to pick me up.I saw my mom andin a way I was happy, but at the same time I was sad. Then I hugged my best friends and the Leaders and drove away with my mom. During the trip I didn’t say anything to mom I just kept silent and was thinking how sad it is. The tears had appeared in my eyes and I realized that I will miss everybody.

That’s why I really want tothankCISV for having good time during summer time. I do believe that this organization is the best! It helps kids and teens socialize and build friendships through the world and solve the global problems all together. Let’s wait for another CISV summer camp.

Kristijonas , 11 years old

19 of November 2020












This year I have experienced lots of fun and adventures. But the most memorable adventure was CISV camp. In CISV camps kids come from all over the world, so you are able to build inter – cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding. I try to attend CISV camps every year more and more, since the camp amazes me a lot and every time I get  unforgettable feeling to come back.

This year was a little bit of a failure due to the global pandemic happening. Majority of the camps were canceled, except summer mini camps in some counties including Lithuania. Luckily, I got selected as a participant in the camp in my home country – Lithuania. The adventure began. I didn’t have any expectations for the camp and I have this idea that global pandemic has changed our personalities during the lockdown. But here, I was wrong. Even though  we had to keep  the distance and sanitize our hands quite often, the camp still was like before. I felt so many new emotions, new friends and new experiences. I have gained communication skills, improved my English, learned about inclusiveness, enthusiasm and cooperation. One of the funniest and memorable situations were, that I was named „electrician” in the camp, for the reason that I always turned of the light in everyone’s rooms and one time the whole camp house. And secondly, I loved that at night our mentors blindfolded us and we had to do many tasks without being able to see. The friendships I’ve built throughout the camp will last a long time.

In the future, I hope that the world will end the cruel pandemic happening right now, so kids all over the world could meet anywhere in the world without being scared. I hope to reunite with my peers again sometime, maybe in a camp or maybe for some coffee.

Lukas, 14 years old



My name is Rapolas and I have been to 5 CISV mini-camps. In CISV summer and autumn camps I learned a lot of things. Like that recycling isn’t that hard and if we don’t protect the environment we will soon be extinct. But most importantly I learned that friendship is crucial in your life. That’s why CISV is incredible. When you’re in a camp, you find so many new friends, either from your country or not. Eventually when you are old enough to be a junior leader or just a leader you can spread this joy and friendship along to the other generation and it just repeats and repeats until the end of time. That’s why when people ask which camp I’m going to in the summer I say my favourite camp, CISV.

Rapolas, 11 years old



After a long spring quarantine nothing could be better than a possibility to have a great time with amazing Jc, leaders and friends in CISV Lithuania Baltic summer camp. The people I met there, have become my friends because they all are incredibly talented, friendly, sociable, sincere and what is the most important – reliable. We had great activities every day. Starting with the first day when we arrived and played ice breaker games. In the evenings we had lullabies. We gathered together, wrapped into blankets and sang CISV traditional songs. My favorite one is Lemon Tree.  Every day was different, we had a lot of fun activities, swam in the lake Galvė, sailed a boat and danced. And now when autumn has come I am dreaming about my next holiday in CISV camp with my friends. I wish this COVID – 19 period stopped and the international camp with the children from all over the world could meet again.

Urtė, 13 years old



CISV it’s the best thing what I ever experienced in my life. Cisv help me find a lot of friends and build lots of great memories. Cisv is the great opportunity to meet new friends from other countries. You can go to other countries and learn there culture. In cisv we do bunch of activities every time. Such as lot of games and energisers. Energiser is a small warm up for a bigger activity. I learnt lots of many things from Cisv. This year was complicated because we have unexpected virus going around. So in Lithuania we only had mini and weekly Baltic summer camps. I went to two camps . This year we had Latvians and Estonians as a guests. At first we were nervous and also excited. But we get along just fine the next day. I met so many people turning these camps. The next moment you know the camp ends. And you have to say goodbye to amazing people you met.

Meta, 13 years old



CISV 2020

This year I went to 5 Baltics summer camps in summer and 4 local mini camps. And let me tell you I had one of the best years with Cisv so far. I never thought I would learn so much during summer. l learn about sustainable development, about friendship, team building/working and more. Which camp was the best? Well every time you learn something new, and you know that every camp is going to be different than the other camps.
Cisv Lithuania have amazing camp site and if it’s s a hot day you spend all siesta time sunbathing near the lake. Planning house of feelings and planing not to cry, but ending up crying. Having gala night and waiting for marriage station to open, because you want to marry your camp best friend or the last days you are pushed into the water fully dressed and thinking what I am doing. Singing lullabies, doing kiitos after a meal, doing everybody dance now, singing energizer before an activity, doing flag time in the mornings. And those things makes me wanna came back.
I met so many new people and made new friends during the camp, in the end it was to hard to say goodbye because you never know if you gonna meet them again.

„What happens in Cisv and stays in Cisv”

Nida, 15 years old



Hello all,

I’m here to share my experiences of CISV 2020 and believe me, there are lots of them.

2020 has been a hard year for all of us and probably most of all –  for CISV participants. We as a community have suffered many challenges and solved many problems. First of all I want to thank the people who organised the CISV 2020 Baltics camps as they were the highlights for I believe a lot of people. Not only kids but adults also.

Anyways I am here to tell about my experiences in the CISV 2020 camps. In the summer of 2020 I was a participant in the Lithuania – Latvia camp which was a week-long camp between these two countries. It was really great and I met some wonderful people there as well as reunited with some of my older friends. I didn’t really have a lot of expectations coming into this camp as I have never met any Latvians nor have I been in a week long CISV camp. However despite my non-existent expectations this camp made my whole year. There were lots of fun activities as well as some that taught you about the world and really made you think. Sadly I did not have a chance to participate in one of the minicamps this year because of COVID-19 but the summer camp made up for it. I am still in contact with some of the people I met there and we are still good friends. In every CISV camp that I have been in, I have met many new friends and many new interesting people that discussed their point of view and made me think about different opinions and points of view.

To close up I just want to say that CISV is a really wonderful organisation full of wonderful people of all ages. 2020 has been a hard year but CISV made it that much easier and more enjoyable.

CISV Participant, Ignas, 13 years old



CISV is the best camp I have ever been to. In 2020 CISV I found a lot of new friends, that are really friendly and funny. I will miss them very much. I hope we will all meet one more time and hug everyone. I liked all activities: we run, played, sang, talked, thought and laughed loud. The JC and Leaders were the best. I also miss my roommates, we drank a lot of hot tea and talked at night. I liked to talk about how we can save the earth. In the summer when it was hot all the kids were running in to the lake and me too. We were playing with the ball. I found so many new games that I can’t imagine before. Today I can say, that I liked that we couldn’t have our phones in the camp. Because I was supported that we can be without it and do a lot of the other things. In addition, I want to say that the food was very delicious. I can go there hundred times and it will be always interesting.

Greta, 11 years old



Didelis dėkui už suteiktą galimybę dalyvauti Interchange programoje. Mums buvo labai neramu ar pavyks sutarti su programos partneriu, kaip pavyks adaptuotis kitoje šeimoje. Pasirodo be reikalo nerimavome. Viskas praėjo labai sklandžiai. Įspūdžiai patys geriausi. Justas tik grįžęs iškart sutiko dalyvauti kitoje Interchange programoje. Taip pat didžiausias dėkui vadovei Ievai. Geresnės neįsivaizduojame.

Justo mama Daina



Vilius kartoja, kad nenorėjo grįžti iš Village stovyklos Norvegijoje, mielai ten būtų likęs dar bent kelias savaites :) Visų jo įspūdžių ir patirčių, kuriomis jis grįžęs gausiai dalinasi, nei į kelis sakinius, nei puslapius tikrai nesutalpintume. O kaip tėveliams mums labai didelį teigiamą įspūdį padarė aiškus koordinavimas ir CISV Lietuva pagalba pasirengimo stovyklai metu, užtikrinta vaikus lydinčios vadovės globa ir visapusiškas tėvelių informavimas, Village stovyklos visų vadovų ir personalo profesionalumas, savaitgaliais vaikus priėmusių tėvų iniciatyva ir pasiaukojimas. Kiek prisiklausėme Viliaus pasakojimų apie stovyklos programą ir jos išpildymą, tai patys labai užsinorėjome joje sudalyvauti :)

Haroldas, Viliaus tėtis




Man ši stovykla labai patiko, labiausiai man patiko kelionės, šeima pas kurią gyvenau ir visos aplankytos vietos, taip pat labai patiko užsiėmimai. Labai norėčiau pakartoti šitą interchange programą su Norvegija. Mano brolis taip pat norėtų dalyvauti šitoje interchange programoje su Norvegija. Neturiu daug pasiūlymų kaip jums tobulėti, nes viskas čia ir taip labai gerai suorganizuota. Vadovai taip pat labai geri ir linksmi.

Labai pasiilgsiu šitos interchange programos su Norvegija.




Ačiū labai už nuostabią stovyklą! Gediminas liko sužavėtas, labai liūdėjo, kad ji baigėsi – nenorėjo iš ten išvažiuoti :) Jam labai patiko susipažinti su Salvadoru, susipažinti su vaikais iš viso pasaulio. Sake, kad labai patiko visų šalių prisistatymai. Jam buvo labai įdomi kiekviena stovykloje praleista diena. Taip pat ir šeimos, kurios ji priėmė, buvo nuostabios, labai nuoširdūs ir rūpestingi žmonės. Gediminas labai norėtų sudalyvauti ir kitose CISV stovyklose, o taip pat ir grįžti į Salvadorą.

Ugnė, Gedimino mama



Emilija grįžo iš Norvegijos. Super labai patiko! Ačiū už organizaciją!

Margarita, Emilijos mama



Emilija visiškoj euforijoj, „patiko” per silpnas žodis :) jau svajoja apie kitus metus. … Emilija su CISV ir i pasaulio kraštą važiuotų. Labai Jums ačiū už galimybes!


Neringa, Emilijos mama



Vakar grįžau iš Seminar Camp’o Švedijoje ir noriu jums labai padėkoti už šią patirtį. Niekad nemaniau, kad galima taip prisirišti prie žmonių, pažįstamų vos kelias savaites ir tiek daug išmokti apie pasaulį: nuo kitų kultūrų pažinimo iki karščiausių pasaulio konfliktų sprendimų.  Ačiū, jums, už šią galimybę.

Su geriausiais linkėjimais,




Evelina grizo is Honkongo. Laimingesnes nesu mačiusi :) Vien tūkstančio ačiū neužtenka ;)  labai labai patiko, sake geriausia patirtis kokia yra turėjus:)

Lina,  Evelinos mama




Emilijus stovykloje buvo pirmą kartą ir jau su nekantrumu laukia rudens, kad vėl galėtų važiuoti. Tad mes labai dėkojame jums, nes be nuostabių ir profesionalių vadovų nebūtų puikios atmosferos, įdomių veiklų ir džiugios nuotaikos.

Ačiū jums labai :)

Rita,  Emilijaus mama




Mes norime nuoširdžiai padėkoti jums! Iš Igno pasakojimų – tobula stovykla buvo, visą dieną įspūdžius pasakojo, o paklaustas, ar važiuos dar, sakė „būtinai!” :)

Ačiū už jūsų nuoširdų darbą ir bendravimą.

Jolita, Igno mama



Ačiū Jums už puikiai suorganizuotą vaikų stovyklą, įdomias užduotis. Mūsų dukra Ieva grįžo labai laiminga.

Renata, Ievos mama. 2017.10.23


Labai ačiū jums, suorganizavusiems puikų savaitgalį vaikams.

Arūnė, Aušrinės mama



Norime padėkoti,  Danieliaus ir jo tėvelių vardu, savaitgalio stovyklos vadovams  už puikų laiką.  Danielius grįžo labai laimingas:)

Ačiū, už Jūsų didelius darbus! Jūs padedate jauniems žmonėms būti dar laimingesniems.


Kristina, Danieliaus mama



Begalinis ačiū už Japoniją, už superinę stovyklą, už tas emocijas, kurias patyrė Evelina, o kartu ir mes, tėvai:) tikrai CISV building global friendship;)

Lauksime savaitgalio stovyklos, kitu metų, ir aišku Kalėdinių stovyklų.
Daniele ir Evelina jau laukia Vokietijos;)
CISV dėka šia vasara patyrėm visa šeima tiek emocijų, kad žodžiais nenusakysi:)




Noriu Jums labai nuoširdžiai padėkoti už suorganizuotą Interchange stovyklą, ir už tai, kad turėjome galimybę dalyvauti joje.

Grįžęs iš Italijos, jis taip nuoširdžiai džiaugėsi, kad jis pažadėjo mums „viską”, kad tik vėl galėtų dalyvauti tokiame projekte. Pripažįstu, jog į Italiją jis išvyko bijodamas kalbėti, bijodamas suklysti, bet grįžo galėdamas laisvai anglų kalba diskutuoti apie maistą, pramogas ir sportą.

Dėkoju Jums ir už mums skirtą berniuką Paolo, tai nuostabus vaikas. O svarbiausia tai, Benas ir Paolo tiek panašūs vienas į kitą, jog susidarė įspūdis, kad jiems net nereikia bendrauti, o iš vieno žvilgsnio žino, ką darys ar pasakys kitas.

Mūsų pagrindinis tikslas buvo bendravimas, kultūros pažinimas ir anglų kalbos žinių tobulinimas, ir tai mes viską pasiekėm Jūsų dėka.

Dėkojame Dovilei, ir visiems jai padėjusiems, nes tikrai turėjo daug darbo su visa grupe!!!!!

Su nuoširdžiausia padėka,

Beno  mama Monika



Projektas puikus! Norėsime dalyvauti dar kartą. Buvimas šeimoje, kalbos tobulinimas ir daug daug kitų naudingų dalykų. Ačiū už tokią galimybę 😉”

Su pagarba

Simonos mama Erika



Sveiki, ačiū CISV už tokias geras emocijas, Interchange programa superinė,

šiandien verkėm visi :((

Lina, Danielės mama



Ačiū  Jums už organizaciją, Liepa labai įdomiai ir smagiai praleido savaitgalį.

Violeta, Liepos (12 m., 2017 žiemą dalyvavo CISV savaitgalio stovykloje) mama. 2017-02-28


Elzei labai patiko ir labai gerai, kad vėl sudalyvavo. Ji šiek tiek bijo į GB važiuoti, tai dabar kai pabuvo ir kai taip smagiai laiką praleido, tai atsirado drąsos ir tikėjimo, kad ir vasaros stovykloj bus smagu.

Sakė susipažino su vadove, kuri juos lydės į Londoną – irgi labai gerai.

Grįžus ėjo miegoti, matyt daug veiklos buvo ir tai puiku! Papasakojo mums keletą anekdotų – ten vaikai matyt tarpusavy smagiai juokavo.

Ačiū labai už organizaciją ir pakvietimą į stovyklą.

Sigita, Elzės (11 m., 2017 žiemą dalyvavo CISV savaitgalio stovykloje) mama. 2017-02-27


Mildai labai patiko, pilna įspūdžių grįžo!

Monika, Mildos (11 m., 2017 žiemą dalyvavo CISV savaitgalio stovykloje) mama. 2017-02-26


Urtė labai patenkinta, kupina įspūdžių. Viskas super. Ačiū!

Živilė, Urtės (11 m., 2017 žiemą dalyvavo CISV savaitgalio stovykloje) mama. 2017-02-26


Tobula stovykla. Ačiū mama, kad įkalbėjai.

Julija (12 m., 2017 žiemą dalyvavo CISV savaitgalio stovykloje). 2017-02-26


Esame ( mes ir pati dalyvė Liepa ) labai patenkinti kelione ir joje įgyta patirtimi ir įspūdžiais.

Iš mergaitės pokalbių ir pasakojimų aplinkiniams apie kelionę į Norvegiją, ji džiaugiasi, kad susipažino su vaikais iš kitų šalių, kurie tokie pat linksmi, įdomūs ir išradingi, draugiški. Ji daug sužinojo apie tuos vaikus ir jų šalis ir žinoma apie Norvegiją, jos gamtą ir kaip joje gyvena žmonės :)

Labai gerą įspūdį jai paliko šalių vadovai, taip pat ir vadovas Gabrielius, tikrai manau jam šauniai pavyko sutarti su vaikais  :)

Kiek keista mums, bet ji prisitaikė ( priėmė ) prie stovyklos tvarkos, prie laiko be telefono :), tapo labiau savarankiška pasirūpinti savimi ir kitais.

Norėtumėme ir toliau dalyvauti Jūsų organizacijos veikloje, kad vaikas įgautų daugiau supratimo ir suvokimo apie aplinką esančią ne koncentruotą tik aplink jį.

Mėnesio laikotarpis buvo ilgas ir mums pritrūko kontakto su vaiku, nes buvo neramu, kaip jis ten jaučiasi ir kaip jam sekasi. Ir mūsų siųsti laiškai e-mailu, vaiko nepasiekė. :)

Man ir kiek supratau Liepai, labai patiko, kad stovykloje vaikai dalyvaudami veikloje kuria, galvoja, daro savarankiškai ir mato, kaip šalia tai daro vadovai. Todėl manau, kad verta eiti tuo keliu, išmesti vaikus ir „komforto zonos” ( kurioje viskas yra paduota ,) kad suprastu, kad jie turi tai ką susikuria patys.

Labai džiaugiamės, kad buvome pakviesti dalyvauti stovykloje Norvegijoje ir ateityje mielai dalyvausime CISV organizacijos veikloje.

Pagarbiai ir nuoširdžiais linkėjimais,

Violeta, Liepos (11 m., 2016 vasarą dalyvavo CISV Village Norvegija) mama. 2016-09-02


Man labai patiko, visų labai pasiilgau. Labai gaila, kad nepasilikau aftercampe ..

Dominykas (17 m., 2016 vasarą dalyvavo CISV Seminar Camp Vokietija). 2016-08-21


Danielė nerealiai patenkinta, patirtis nenusakoma. Vienintelis pasiūlymas, kad vaikams būtų nors viena išvyka į kokį didesnį miestą :) Kad ir už papildomus pinigėlius:) Ačiū dar kartą, mano abi dukros Danielė ir Evelina nekantriai laukia kvietimų :)

Lina, Danielės (11 m., 2016 vasarą dalyvavo CISV Village Suomija) ir Evelinos (14 m.) mama. 2016-08-04


Donatui labai patiko. Matosi, kad įspūdžių daugybė, visiems pasakoja. Toks mandresnis grižo, kiek suaugęs.

Artūras, Donato (11 m., 2016 vasarą dalyvavo CISV Village Norvegija) tėtis. 2016-07-29


Tai buvo geriausias mano vasaros nuotykis.

Danielė, (11 m., 2016 vasarą dalyvavo CISV Village Suomija). 2016-07-28


Noriu padėkoti už stovyklą, Marius grįžo labai patenkintas ir laimingas. :) Ačiū labai visiems vadovams.

Lina, Mariaus (14 m., 2016 m. Youth Meeting Lietuva dalyvis) mama. 2016-07-21